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The story of Vacation Perfect begins with Paris Perfect. With 20+ years of experience welcoming guests to Paris, we know how to truly savor every moment in the City of Light. Here you’ll find our insider tips to help you plan your perfect Paris vacation!

Every trip to Paris should sparkle like the lights of the Eiffel Tower after dark, but we know there are many details involved in planning an unforgettable trip. At Paris Perfect, we love sharing the wealth of knowledge we’ve amassed over the past 20+ years with our guests. We know your perfect Paris holiday only begins with where you stay. Here you’ll find our invaluable tips for what to see and do, top shopping and dining ideas, and insight into the charms of Parisian living so you can experience the City of Light at its very best!

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Paris is a city made for sightseeing. We’re passionate about sharing the tours and experiences that capture the essence of the City of Light. Whether it’s saving valuable vacation time by booking skip-the-line tours and tickets or trying your hand at cooking up traditional French fare, we’ve shared our top picks for Paris tours that showcase the very best of the city’s rich history, culture, atmosphere and more.

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Where to Stay

Paris offers so many beautiful and historic neighborhoods to discover that it can be hard to pick where to stay. For 20+ years we have been choosing the very best neighborhoods for our vacation rentals that are full of charm, surrounded by top cultural sights, shopping spots and the best open-air markets and restaurants. In short, the places where Parisians dream to live!

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Things to See

No matter the season, there’s always something to see and do in Paris. Discover the timeless charm of Paris’s monuments and religious sites or stroll along a market street to pick out ingredients for a picnic in a peaceful park. From world-class museums to intimate galleries, art lovers have an abundance of choices for exploring Paris’s artistic and cultural side. Find out more about the things you won’t want to miss in the City of Light!

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Shopping in Paris

When it comes to shopping, Paris is a dream travel destination. Nowhere does high fashion quite like Paris, but that’s just the beginning. Explore elegant department stores and charming shopping streets for a local shopping vibe. Or hunt for hidden treasures at vintage stores in the Marais or spend the day wandering through the city’s best flea markets.

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Where to Eat & Drink in Paris

Nothing captures the spirit of Paris quite like sitting at a café and watching the world go by. Whether you’re enjoying the café culture, savoring a sumptuous meal while cruising along the Seine or searching for the best fine dining spot to celebrate a special occasion, Paris has plenty of options to tempt your palate.

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When to Visit Paris

Not sure what time of year to visit Paris? From fun festivals to world famous sporting events and city-wide shopping sales, there’s always something happening in Paris. To help you choose the best time for your trip, find out more about the top events, festivals and holidays throughout the year in the City of Light.

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Apartment Living

First time renting an apartment in Paris? We know you’ll enjoy the charms of Parisian living just as much as we do. Find out what to expect with Paris apartment living, from where to shop to family fun and the little details that will help you feel right at home from the moment you arrive. When you fall in love with the Parisian lifestyle, we’ll even help you find your own dream apartment to buy in Paris!

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Practical Information

An effortless vacation is all in the details, which is why we’ve created a guide to all the useful information you’ll need to add the finishing touches to your Paris vacation. From what to pack and our recommended travel insurance to how to arrive and get around, here’s everything to make your time in Paris worry free.

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Paris Perfect Vacation Rentals

Paris Perfect Vacation Rentals

The first step to bringing your dream Paris vacation to life is finding the perfect place to stay. That’s why we’ve made it easy by handpicking the best vacation rentals in the City of Light. From our romantic Studios and One Bedroom apartments to our lovely Two Bedroom and 3+ Bedroom apartments that are perfect for families or groups of friends, you’ll find the Paris apartment rental that’s just right for you. Don’t miss the chance to stay in the historic heart of Paris at La Place Dauphine on one of city’s prettiest squares. Planning a longer stay? Check out our Monthly Rentals to find your perfect home away from home in Paris.

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