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Discover the best things to see and do in Italy with our insider guide. Find inspiration for your next Italian holiday and enjoy living like a local with an Italy Perfect vacation rental!

Where do you even start discovering the abundance of history, culture and natural beauty that Italy offers? Step back in time in Rome to walk in the footsteps of ancient Romans. Meander through the labyrinth of Venice’s bridges and canals. See Michelangelo’s David and world-famous art museums in Florence. Bask in the sun along the Amalfi Coast and day trip to the island of Capri. To help your travel planning, here you’ll find our guide to the best areas to visit in Italy along with our favorite experiences and top things to see and do.

Discover Rome

Rome is known as the Eternal City and boasts such an incredible wealth of history and fascinating sights to explore that it would take more than a lifetime to experience them all. Add to that sumptuous fountains, delicious food, world-class museums and a la dolce vita vibe and you’ve got that special enchantment that is Rome. Plus, the mild climate makes Rome appealing for year-round travel. Uncover three thousand years of history as you delve deep into the heart of Italy’s capital.

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Discover Florence

Florence is Italy’s jewel box – a place with such an incredible richness of beauty, history and culture that it has been called the cradle of the Renaissance. Sitting at the crossroads of commerce and culture for centuries, the city was once a powerful Florentine Republic and home to wealthy dynasties such as the Medici family. Florence’s illustrious past created an urban environment that is now home to one third of the world’s art treasures. From Italy’s most notable museums to sculpture-filled piazzas and excellent shopping, Florence is a city that will keep pulling you back to discover even more of its historic charm.

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Discover Tuscany

The rolling hills of Tuscany are where Italian dreams are made. For a relaxing holiday, Tuscany is the perfect place to rent a villa nestled into the picturesque Italian landscape. Linger by the pool as you gaze out over rolling hills and vineyards or set off for a day trip to sample delicious locally made wines, olive oil and Tuscan cuisine. Or enjoy day trips to cities like Siena, Florence, Chianti and so much more. A vacation rental in Tuscany is the ideal choice for a relaxing holiday with family and friends with both leisure and culture right at your fingertips!

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Discover Venice

There’s no place else on earth quite like Venice. A city deeply connected to the sea with canals in place of roads, Venice is an enchanting place to discover. Admire the opulent mosaics of Saint Mark’s Basilica, get lost crisscrossing bridges and canals to happen across hidden away piazzas, see the striking colors of Murano and Burano, and the quiet splendor of the Venetian lagoon. Whether it’s for the extravagance of Carnival or exploring the history of the Venetian Empire, come and let the magic of Venice capture your heart.

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Discover Amalfi

The alluring beauty of the Amalfi Coast has called to travelers since ancient Greek and Roman ships plied the turquoise sea along the rocky coastlines. Famous as the land of Homer’s Sirens, the landscape of Capri and the Sorrento Peninsula are just as captivating to travelers today. Get a taste of ancient history at the famous archaeological sites of Pompeii and Herculaneum or hike to Emperor Tiberius’s villa on the island of Capri. History lovers won’t want to miss the splendid Greek temples in Paestum, among the best preserved in the world.
A visit to the Amalfi Coast area isn’t complete without relaxing beachside in chic Positano, known as the Vertical City, walking through the scenic gardens of Ravello and exploring historic Amalfi.

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Discover Emilia-Romagna

Head off the beaten path to explore the beautiful region of Emilia-Romagna. Food lovers will enjoy the rich delights of Parma and the historic city of Bologna. Go from sampling balsamic vinegar to marveling at fast cars in Modena. See masterful mosaics in Ravenna and explore the Renaissance architecture of towns like Ferrara. From breathtaking national parks to the beaches of Rimini and slopes of the Apennine Mountains, Emilia-Romagna is a region full of gastronomic and cultural experiences not to be missed.

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